About Expressit Flowers

Our Aim

Our Aim

To achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

With no opening hours and other customers to serve in a shop, this will help us give the customer more time and better quality with their choice of floral arrangement.

Sara loves spending time with the customer and feels a shop is just too busy at times, she wants the customers to be happy and not feel rushed into making any important decisions due to a queue forming in the shop.

When a person has lost a loved one, leaving the house and venturing into the town can be very difficult, Sara can provide a personal service in the home to help and advise on the choice of floral tributes.

A wedding consultation is very important and needs the florists full attention; Expressit flowers can overcome these difficulties by giving the customers something most shops cannot provide - TIME. We will visit the homes of the brides and families in order to give them all the space and time they need.

About Expressit Flowers

About Expressit Flowers

The founder of Expressit Flowers, Mrs. Sara Coker trained at Berkshire College of Agriculture in Maidenhead and graduated in 1999.

Sara was fortunate to have been employed at one of the most respected florists shop in the South Bucks area, Country Bunches in Gerrards Cross. This was certainly the best work experience she could have asked for, and was lucky to be able to have "hands on experience" in conjunction with her college studies.

She worked for "Country Bunches" for five years, two of which she was in charge. For her own wedding in September 2003, Sara provided all the flowers herself, from the design of her own wedding to the creation of the finished arrangements.

Following her wedding, Sara has collected contacts based on personal recommendations. This led to the creation of Expressit Flowers and more importantly the creation of a new way of providing a personal floral service to the customer.

Flowers for Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios is one of my favourite places to work at, I regularly prepared the vases of flowers for the "My family" set in 2002 when I was working at Country Bunches in Gerrards Cross.

Since Expressit Flowers began in 2004 I have visited many companies delivering bouquets for both cast and staff and also corporate displays .

I was privileged to be given the opportunity to prepare the flowers for the Queen's visit in 2007. I created many seasonal displays for Heatherdon hall to make the venue fit for a Queen. I took much thought and pleasure in creating the posy which was presented to the Queen by Pinewood.

Pinewood Studios

The 1st wedding for Expressit Flowers was in 2008 where I decorated the venue in beautiful Arum lilies and trailing ivy, I have been working on weddings on a regular base ever since.

Sara at Expressit Flowers worked hard on the TV series “Antiques House” set for 6 weeks back in 2012. It was a pleasure to work with the team and found learning about flower fashion in different areas very interesting.

“Midsummer murders” contacted Expressit Flowers in the summer 2013 for flowers for the new series; we had the pleasure of providing the flowers for the 100th episode, which was shown on TV February 2014.

Our latest claim to fame is providing the cast of the new movie “The Book of Exodus” with welcome flowers in their trailers, Sara was told that Sigourney Weaver especially loved the flowers, Sara then had the pleasure of creating another stunning display for her birthday