Christmas Flowers

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Xmas01Amaryllis bouquet40.00
Xmas02A seasonal mix bouquet 25.00
Xmas03Red ribbon fresh basket arrangement 30.00
Xmas04A basket of fresh flowers 30.00
Xmas05Amaryllis tree with fresh blue pine 30.00
Xmas06Zink bucket amaryllis tree 30.00
Xmas07Black glass vase with candle and roses 35.00
Xmas08A silver tea - light holder with fresh flowers 40.00
Xmas09A candle pot display with fresh flowers 25.00
Xmas10A posy bowl with candle 25.00
Xmas11Double candle oval display with fresh flowers 40.00
Xmas12Candle pot display with fresh flowers & blue pine 25.00
Xmas13A large double candle oval display for table 50.00
Xmas14Traditional door wreath 30.00
Xmas15Fancy door wreath 40.00
Xmas16Holly cross for grave with berries 15.00
Xmas17A moss holly wreath for a grave 20.00
Xmas18Solid heart for grave 25.00
Xmas19A large holly heart for Grave or door 50.00
Xmas20Hand made moss bear lasts for years 30.00