Funeral Flowers

We can no longer provide a single order for funerals.

With no opening hours and other customers to serve in a shop, this will help us give the customer more time and better quality with their choice of floral arrangement.

Sara loves spending time with the customer and feels a shop is just too busy at times, she wants the customers to be happy and not feel rushed into making any important decisions due to a queue forming in the shop.

When a person has lost a loved one, leaving the house and venturing into the town can be very difficult, Sara can provide a personal service in the home to help and advise on the choice of floral tributes.

please click images to view full size

F001Large top coffin spray with roses, lilies and other summer flowers 70
F002An oval with roses and lilies with summer filler flowers 30
F003A large top coffin spray with all white lilies and foliage 80
F004A large oval with summer flowers 100
F005A large oval with red & white roses and carnations 80-100
F006A small oval with sunflowers in summer 35
F007A single ended spray with white lilies, roses, stocks and other seasonal flowers 40
F008A single ended spray with Red roses, tulips and other white and green flowers 35
F009A tied sheaf with a yellow, blue and purple summer mixture 45
F010A 3 foot cross with a mixture of gerbera, roses and carnations 70
F011A 2 foot cross with open white lilies and foliage 70
F012A tear drop shape with yellow & cream roses, tulips, lilac freesia and filler flowers 45
F013A oval shape with lilies and roses in the summer 30
F014A tied sheaf of gerbera and other seasonal flowers 20
F015Letters with netting edging ribbon and sprays 30 a letter - This NAN is 90
F016Letters with poly tie ribbon edge and small or no sprays are 25 a letter - This MUM is 75
F017Mixed flower spray like this is 40 a letter - This NAN is 120.00
F018letters with poly tie ribbon and sprays are 25 a letter - This DAD is 75
F019A medium size posy including some roses 30
F020A modern design posy pad 35
F021A modern rose posy pad 50
F022A wreath with sunflowers and Iris 40
F023A wreath with ivory roses and Snap dragons 60
F024A wreath with cymbidium orchids, gerbera and others 50
F025A wreath with mixed shades of roses and others 60
F026A wreath with white chrysanthemums and a large spray 40
F027A wreath with orange roses, lilies and celosia 45
F028A double wreath with a mixture 100
F029A heart with ivory roses and white astilbe 60
F030A heart with roses, tulips and orchids 60
F031A heart with roses, lilies and orchids 60
F032A heart with roses and foliage 100
F033A heart with roses and lilies 55
F034A open heart with roses, orchids and tulips 80
F035An open heart with mixed roses and china grass loops 80
F036A open heart with roses, hydrangea, phlox and freesia 100
F037A large free standing heart 200
F038A wreath with football team ribbon in centre 50
F039A large Ace playing card 100
F040A pint 100
F041A cat 80
F042A 12 inch posy pad with music note 35
F043A horses head 100
F044A builders trowel 30
F045A small free standing foot ball 35
F046A pillow with a heart 80
F047A large star 60
F048A large pillow 85 extra 10 for ribbon letters
F049A Celtic cross with calla lilies and orchids
F050A 1foot tall angel 25
F051A large letter J 40
F052A large cushion with spray 70
F053A large Irish Harp 120